The Trophy Hunt Returns

Compete in weekly missions and 150 USD worth of Amazon Gift Cards


The Weekly Missions

Weekly Winners

Congratulations to all TrophyRoomies who won the missions of the Trophy Hunt Returns. Let’s check out the list  here.



Important notes:

  1. The in-app account TrophyRoom Official, from Singapore, is the one and only official account in the TrophyRoom app for all of the campaign’s communication with the winners.
  2. For all winners, please keep in mind to check your in-app message for your winning confirmation😉.


1.  The campaign starts at 00:00 (UTC+0) on May 17 and ends at 23:59 (UTC+0) on May 30, 2021
2.  The top teams who finish the condition of each mission will receive Amazon gift card based on their rankings.
3.  For Mission 1, only full group challenges with at least 10 participants/challenge are counted.
4.  For Mission 2, only coins a team earned from winning challenges are counted. Coins from in-app purchases are not counted.
5.  Winners can choose the Amazon Gift Cards from (US) or (UK)
6.  In case the user’s country of residence is out of the Amazon’s gift card coverage, the user can still receive the code and use it according to the Amazon gift cards terms and conditions.
8.  By participating in this promotion, you must have read and accepted the TrophyRoom Terms and Conditions.


Our official account for the campaign announcements is this handsome guy ‘TrophyRoom Official“.

This is the one and only official account from TrophyRoom and it is from this account we inform the winners via the in-app chat.


An gift card is a card preloaded with a set amount of funds to be used for any purchase on Amazon. 


Learn more about Amazon gift cards:


 For any further information, let’s have a look on our campaign’s FAQ.


What is TrophyRoom?

TrophyRoom is a completely new way to play fantasy football. We want to make fantasy football more accessible to the masses by removing some complexities that are keeping casual players away – and by focusing more on the action of the live matches.


  • A completely new way of playing fantasy football for FREE
  • Engage more with your friends during the REAL MATCHES
  • Pick players from ALL the major football leagues and challenge friends and strangers from all over the world – EVERY DAY
  • Issue orders to your players by playing Tactics Cards that AFFECT THE SCORE
  • This is what we call More Fun For Football Lovers


TrophyRoom - The Fantasy Football Game

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TrophyRoom is a free-to-play social fantasy football game for you to enjoy with friends and strangers during real world football matches.

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