TrophyRoom: The Fantasy Football Game

The Only Fantasy Football Game Where You Affect The Results

TrophyRoom is the only fantasy sports game where you can issue orders to your players and affect the score. Play Tactics Cards at the right time and be rewarded, play them at the wrong time and be punished. Join us now for free!
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TrophyRoom - The Fantasy Football Game

TrophyRoom: The Free Fantasy Football Game

Fantasy Football Improved, Simplified and on Steroids

Play against your friends during real world football matches. Create your team, pick real players from the biggest leagues, follow the action in real time, issue orders to your players and climb the league table. Football just got more fun.
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TrophyRoom - The Fantasy Football Game - My Team


Pick your daily fantasy team by mixing and matching real-life football players from the top leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Champions League, Europa League, Euro 2021 and more.


Play the right card at the right time and be rewarded. Play the wrong card and be punished.

TrophyRoom - The Fantasy Football Game - Leaderboard


Compete in daily, weekly and all-time leaderboards – win coins and other exciting prizes.


Second by second, minute by minute. Watch your players fail and succeed – and counter your opponents’ tactics by playing the exciting tactics cards.

TrophyRoom - The Fantasy Football Game - Real Time Match Action
TrophyRoom - The Fantasy Football Game - Play head to head or in groups


Play against teams from all over the world in either head to head or group challenges. So invite your friends, family, coworkers and exes – everyone needs to be defeated!


Keep track of all the important matches on the Dashboard. Never miss a match or a goal.

TrophyRoom - Fixtures

This is TrophyRoom

Daily Team Lineups

Use your football knowledge to create the best possible lineup of real players from top football leagues.

Play Cards

Play Tactics Cards that add another level of strategy and excitement to the football game. But pick the right card at the right time!

Play Against Friends

Challenge a single friend or stranger or why not a whole group of friends? Challenge your friends with coins that can be used to buy new cards and other upgrades.

Follow the match action

Not that watching football is boring, but watching football with TrophyRoom is simply a whole new level of fun! Follow the action in the real matches, scream of joy when you gain points and tear your hair when losing!

Vote on New Features

Join a vibrant community with user feedback as an integral part. From day one you’ll take part in The Football Council where you can cast your votes on what we should build next. It’s up to you!

And More to Come...

TrophyRoom is an ambitious social football game and the sky is the limit! Join us on the adventure.

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