TrophyRoom: The Football Game

The Social Football Game

For Your Mobile

Play against your friends during real world football matches. Create your team, pick real players from the biggest leagues, follow the action in real time, issue orders to your players and climb the league table. Football just got more fun.

TrophyRoom: The Football Game

The Social Football Game For Your Mobile

We’re building something really, really cool for all the football lovers out there. You can think of it as a remix of watching the match, RPGs, challenging your friends, managing your team and playing powerful cards that give you pros and cons.

TrophyRoom Football Game - My Team Lineup

Create your daily lineup

Create your team

Pick real players from the international top leagues. Use your football knowledge to pick the best possible lineup.

Challenge your friends

Put your lineup to the test against a friend's lineup. On the day of the real game, the performances of your players determine your score.

TrophyRoom Football Game - Booster Cards

Respond to the match action

Collect and play cards

Play Tactics Cards during real matches to issue orders to your players. Tactics Cards give you and your opponent pros and cons, so choose wisely.

Win glory and game coins

Challenge your friends and win Game Coins to spend on new cards and other team upgrades. Climb the leaderboard and show the world who's boss.

TrophyRoom Football Game - Booster Cards
TrophyRoom Football Game - Timeline

A new level of excitement

Deep strategy, easy to play

The TrophyRoom football game is all about mixing reality with fantasy. Use your real world knowledge to get a competitive advantage against your opponents. Play the right Tactics Card at the right time to boost your points. Block your opponents cards. Follow the matches of your top players on TV or online. Climb the ladder and build a career. TrophyRoom is a whole new level of fun for football lovers. Join us!


This is TrophyRoom

Daily Team Lineups

Use your football knowledge to create the best possible lineup of real players from top football leagues.

Play Cards

Play Tactics Cards that add another level of strategy and excitement to the football game. But pick the right card at the right time!

Play Against Friends

Challenge a single friend or stranger or why not a whole group of friends? Challenge your friends with coins that can be used to buy new cards and other upgrades.

Follow the match action

Not that watching football is boring, but watching football with TrophyRoom is simply a whole new level of fun! Follow the action in the real matches, scream of joy when you gain points and tear your hair when losing!

Vote on New Features

Join a vibrant community with user feedback as an integral part. From day one you’ll take part in The Football Council where you can cast your votes on what we should build next. It’s up to you!

And More to Come...

TrophyRoom is an ambitious social football game and the sky is the limit! Join us on the adventure.


Screenshots From TrophyRoom

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