Game Rules

How to play

Each game day, pick your favorite 11 players of the main squad + 4 players for the bench for your Line-up. You can choose from all the available teams playing games that day.

Challenge other players and win Coins and glory in head-to-head (friend, random) or group Challenges (public, private). Follow your Challenges live as the players in your lineup collect points in their respective games with the help of unique scoring system for each match action.

Scoring system

Game event Positions affected Points Description
Goal Scored All players 15 Someone in your team scores a goal.
Assist All players 7 Player assists a goal by passing the ball to the player who scored the goal.
Shot on Goal All players 5 Shot on target (i.e. applies for a shot that was not blocked, and did not hit woodwork, but may have been saved off the line by a player on the defending team)
Shot Blocked All players 2 Shot on goal blocked by any player.
Own Goal All players -15 Someone in my team makes an own goal.
Penalty Caused All players -1 My team causes a penalty against us.
Shot Blocked All players 2 Shot blocked (excludes any shots saved/cleared off the line in a defensive act, which is not the same as a regular goalkeeper save on the line)
Chance Created All players 2 My team creates a scoring opportunity (but doesn’t score).
Offside Won Defenders 1 1 plus point per defender in my team that plays against a team that commits an offside.
Penalty Missed All players -5 A penalty that hits the woodwork, A penalty shot that goes wide of the goal or over the crossbar
Yellow Card All players -2 Yellow cards awarded to the team
2nd Yellow Card All players -2 2nd yellow card awarded to a player in the team
Red Card All players -5 Red cards awarded to the team
Free Kick Won All players 1 My team wins a free kick due to an opposing team’s foul.
Penalty Saved Goal keeper 10 Penalty save made by GK
Save by GK Goal keeper 3 GK saves a shot that is not a penalty.
Goal Conceded All players playing in a game where the goal keeper concedes a goal -1 One minus point per player playing for a team that concedes a goal.
Defender Clean Sheet Defenders 5 Awarded to defenders that didn’t concede any goals while being on the pitch AND played for at least 60 minutes. This is automatically awarded after the final whistle. The 60 minutes criteria does not include any injury time added after 90 minutes match time.
Goalkeeper Clean Sheet Goalkeeper 5 Awarded to goalkeepers that didn’t concede any goals while being on the pitch AND played for at least 60 minutes. This is automatically awarded after the final whistle. The 60 minutes criteria does not include any injury time added after 90 minutes match time.

Follow the live games

When a game is active you can follow the results of all your players via the line-up and timeline screens.

Grayed out state shows that a player is not currently accumulating points for your lineup. Below is an explanation of what the icons in the “My Team” lineup screen mean.


Yellow card Yellow card – player received a yellow card
Red card – player received red card and gets grayed out and stops counting points
Substitution in real game (double arrow). The player has been substituted in the live game, left the pitch and will not score anymore points for your line-up
“Star” – shows the best player in the lineup.
Not started (arrow down) – player didn’t play any single minute in the real game, gets “not started” status. The player has been substituted for one of your bench players, this occurs when a player never played a single minute in the live game. You will be awarded with the points from the bench player with the relevant position. 
Going in (arrow up) – displays when bench player is substituted in for not started player
Game clock, 90 minutes full time count down (ongoing)
Game clock, game finished


Icons for each player on the lineup

  • Live: The total points your line-up has accumulated
  • End: The projected time all the players in your line-up will have finished their games
  • Total: The total points your line-up has accumulated after the game finished.
  • Finished: Your players have finished all their respective games and your lineup won’t accumulate any more points


If one or more of the selected players does not play a single minute in the game the player will automatically substituted with a bench player, one per position. When a substitution is made from your line-ups bench you will receive the points from the bench player since the original selected player did not accumulate any points. If more than one player in a specific position does not play you will be awarded the points of the bench player, however the second empty position will not be awarded any points.


You can create as many lineups as you want each game day. Once a Challenge confirmed, the corresponding lineup will be locked. All lineups are displayed on the My Team section or under the corresponding Challenge card on your Dashboard. Note: if you create more than seven lineups, the lineups will be displayed under the corresponding Challenge cards on the Dashboard.


In order to challenge a friend you have to have a complete lineup (15 players).
There are 3 Challenge types: friend (or Head-to-head), random and group (public/private).
There are 4 Challenge statuses: live, accepted, pending and past.

When you send a Challenge invitation to another user, your stake will be reserved in your wallet until the Challenge goes live. If your opponent does not accept the Challenge before the deadline, the Coins will be credited back to your wallet.


For Head-to-Head Challenges, you are able to raise your Challenge once prior to the live game (accepted status) and once during the live game.

Tied games

If you and your opponent end up with the same final score the Challenge will be ruled a draw and all stakes returned to your respective wallets.

Overtime in the real game

If a game goes to overtime the players in that game will receive points for the full time that they are on the field (including overtime).


All data is provided via our data feed partner. All scoring is based on this data and we will always award points according to this, i.e. we will never overrule or change the outcome of a Challenge based on any other ruling or interpretation of the games. All scores are final according the the data provided by our data feed partner. TrophyRoom does in no way guarantee the accuracy of the data provided by our data feed partner and will not be held accountable if there are discrepancies between the real world events and the data provided.


Coins is the TrophyRoom game currency. You can win Coins by winning Challenges or buy them via in-app purchases from the wallet screen. Coins allow you to Challenge your friends and buy various upgrades for your team.

Tactics Cards

During the live challenges you have the ability to play tactics cards and issue orders to your players. Each card comes with its pros and cons, play them wisely. The duration of each card and the boosted game events are displayed on each card in your deck and in the timeline during live challenges. When a card is placed, the boost will apply to all or a section of your lineup. Some cards only boost your forwards and others only the goalie – all challenges connected to the lineup you placed the card on are boosted. Once a card is played, it’s discarded and can’t be used again.

You get new free cards by completing Quests or by buying new cards in the card shop. 

Combining Tactics Cards

You can have multiple tactics cards in play at the same time. But you can only have one positive and one negative effect active per player position at a time. Example: you play the card Goal Fest which positive effect affects all player positions, but which negative effect only affects the goalkeeper position. You then play Attacker Fury, which positive effect only affects the forwards, but its negative effect affects all players. Since the last play card overwrites any conflicting effects, the result in this case is that the forwards now got the positive effect from Attacker Fury, while midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers keep their positive effects from Goal Fest. As for the negative effects, Attacker Fury replaced the negative effect for all player positions.

You can easily see which positions each card affects by tapping on the card illustration.


To get new free cards, you can complete daily or weekly quests. Different quests give different card rewards.

Note: since December 22, 2021, you no longer get a new random card by winning a challenge. This mechanic is replaced by the Quests mechanic.

Card levels and distribution

  1. Legendary – 5% chance of receiving when handed out randomly
  2. Epic – 10% chance of receiving when handed out randomly
  3. Rare – 20% chance of receiving when handed out randomly
  4. Common – 65% chance of receiving when handed out randomly