We love fantasy sports

TrophyRoom takes the best parts of fantasy football, shaves off the complexities and focuses more on the thrill of the live matches and puts a card game as the cherry on top. The result is a nail-biting social experience for everyone who loves football.


Football entertainment for the future

Our vision

Our vision is to be the most loved digital sports brand, by blurring the line between games and the real world and bringing fun and excitement to everyone who loves sports.

Our mission

Our mission is to build and develop the most loved sports companion apps, mixing elements of management simulation with real world elements and events, making it more fun to watch a game and as a consequence, almost impossible for fans to watch a game without also using our apps.

Why we got started

Fantasy sports is hot. But surprisingly stale. Not much has happened in the industry for the past 10 years. Time to shake it up a bit. TrophyRoom offers a completely new way of experiencing it. TrophyRoom is the first fantasy sports app in the galaxy that allows players to affect the score. With that, we removed the reason to play anywhere else.

Our Founders

The people behind TrophyRoom comprise a nice cross-section of the football community: die hard fans, casual spectators, tech evangelists, product and marketing masterminds and so on. We all came together because we share the same vision and… simply because we like each other.

Lean passion

We believe in keeping things simple and removing nonsense rules and bureaucracy that get in the way of true greatness. We’re a small, fast and location-agnostic team. We take rapid decisions and build what we build, fueled by passion. Our team consists of veterans of all disciplines from leadership, marketing, tech and support.

Free-to-play and real money

TrophyRoom offers a free-to-play app for all ages globally via Play Store and App Store. In 2023 we launched a real money version of TrophyRoom, exclusively for India, available for people over 18 and in states where fantasy sports for real money is allowed.