Frequently asked questions

What is TrophyRoom?
  • TrophyRoom is a social fantasy football game, where you play against friends or total strangers from all over the world during real-world football matches.
  • You create your team and pick you daily lineup of real football players from the international top leagues. Once they start playing in their real games, we keep track of their performance and award you points accordingly.
  • You can also issue orders to your players by playing Tactics Cards that will affect the points. And this, my friend, you cannot do anywhere else.
Is TrophyRoom fantasy football?

Hell yeah! But it’s better. TrophyRoom borrows elements from classic fantasy sports and adds some really cool new features on top. TrophyRoom is the only fantasy sports game that allows you to affect the score by issuing orders to your players in real time.

When can I play TrophyRoom?

You can play all days there are real world football matches in the supported major leagues.

How can I start in TrophyRoom?
  • Each game day, pick your favourite 11 players of the main squad + 4 players for the bench for your Line-up. You can choose from all the available teams playing games that day.
  • Challenge other players and win Coins and glory in head-to-head (friend, random) or group Challenges (public, private). Follow your Challenges live as the players in your lineup collect points in their respective games with the help of a unique scoring system for each match action.
Where can I find more information about the gameplay?

Sure. You can always search for more information about TrophyRoom’s game rules here.

Who is it for?

TrophyRoom is for everyone who loves football. If you enjoy management games, fantasy sports or just want to have something fun to do with your friends during the matches, this is for you.

Can I win and withdraw real money?

No, TrophyRoom is just for fun and is not affiliated with gambling or sportsbook. You can’t wager or win any real money in the game.

Do you run any competitions?

You bet we do! We have our recurring Trophy Hunt which rewards our most loyal players. In this type of competitive campaign, you may win cool stuff like gift cards.

Oh dear, I lost my password, what do I do?
  1. Open the TrophyRoom app.
  2. Use the “Forgot password” feature.
  3. Check your email on your mobile device on which you have TrophyRoom installed. It may be in your spam or promotions folder.
  4. Tap the reset password link in the email on your mobile phone.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen.

If all else fails, maybe you registered an account using Facebook Login or Sign in with Apple?

What can I do with Tactics Card?
  • During the live challenges you have the ability to play tactics cards and issue orders to your players. Each card comes with its pros and cons, play them wisely.
  • The duration of each card and the boosted game events are displayed on each card in your deck and in the timeline during live challenges. When a card is placed, the boost will apply to all or a section of your lineup.
  • Some cards only boost your forwards and others only the goalie – all challenges connected to the lineup you placed the card on are boosted.