Frequently asked questions

What is TrophyRoom?

TrophyRoom is a social football game, where you play against your friends during real world football matches. You create your team and pick you daily lineup of real football players from international top leagues. Once they start playing in their real games, we keep track of their performance and award you points accordingly. You can also issue orders to your players by playing Booster Cards that will affect the points.

Is TrophyRoom fantasy football?

Yes and no. TrophyRoom borrows elements from fantasy football and adds some really cool new features on top. As opposed to many fantasy sports games, you can’t win any real money in TrophyRoom.

When can I play TrophyRoom?

You can play all days there are real world football matches in the supported leagues.

Who is it for?

TrophyRoom is for everyone who loves football. If you enjoy management games, fantasy sports or just want to have something fun to do with your friends during the matches, this is for you.

Can I win real money?

No, TrophyRoom is just for fun and is not affiliated with gambling or sportsbook. You can’t wager or win any real money in the game.

Oh dear, I lost my password, what do I do?
  1. Open the TrophyRoom app.
  2. Use the “Forgot password” feature.
  3. Check your email on your mobile device on which you have TrophyRoom installed. It may be in your spam or promotions folder.
  4. Tap the reset password link in the email on your mobile phone.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen.

If all else fails, maybe you registered an account using Facebook Login or Sign in with Apple?