A round of applause to the winners of the latest Trophy Hunt

Thanks to all of the players who participated and enjoyed the missions of The Trophy Hunt. Let’s see what teams managed to claim some prizes this time!

Mission 1

Play more than 20 full-group challenges

Oopsie, we had some teams that were close, but unfortunately nobody completed mission 1 in full. Better luck next time!

Mission 2

Win more than 20,000 coins from challenges

Top 3 coin grabbers

These teams won 20,000 coins and even more during the week.

Completing teams

These teams all finished mission 2 and will each receive a prize.

Mission 3

Be in the top 3 of the Last Week Leaderboard

Top 3 leaderboard champions

These teams were the winners of the most prestigious of all the missions and proved that hard work, skill and tactics pay off. Well deserved!

How do I claim the prize?

Our official account for the campaign announcements is this handsome guy ‘TrophyRoom Official“.

This is the one and only official account from TrophyRoom and it is from this account we inform the winners via the in-app chat.