And the winners are… (Updated! Now you can check the Winners – Week 2)

Big thanks to all of TrophyRoomies who participated in the Big Trophy Hunt! It was a true delight to see our servers almost explode of the frenetic activity from y’all. Thousands of challenges played, hundreds of thousands of coins changing hands. Happy faces, sad faces – the passion is truly alive! Big congrats to all the winners. You have all been notified via in-app messages, so be sure to open your TrophyRoom app if you haven’t already.

Week 1 winners

Here they are, the beautiful brave winners of the Big Trophy Hunt’s week 1.

Mission 1

Play 50 challenges, either Head-to-Head or Group during the week

Top 3 challenge maniacs

These teams played the most challenges during the week. Hats off to the champions. Well done!

Completing teams

These teams all finished mission 1 and will each receive a prize.

Mission 2

Win 10,000 coins from any types of challenges during the week

Top 3 coin grabbing teams

These teams won the most coins during the week. They could probably start a bank by now.

Completing teams

These teams all finished mission 2 and will each receive a prize.

Mission 3

Be in the top 3 of the Last Week Leaderboard

Top 3 leaderboard champions

These teams were the winners of the most prestigious of all the missions and proved that hard work, skill and tactics pay off. Well deserved!

How do I claim the prize?

Our official account for the campaign announcements is this handsome guy ‘TrophyRoom Official“.

This is the one and only official account from TrophyRoom and it is from this account we inform the winners via the in-app chat.