TrophyRoom - Innovate or Die!

Startups are all about innovation. And enterprises forgot all about it. Right? But although startups are supposed to be these melting pots of innovation – how do you find the time to do it? You got a minimum team and maximum pressure, is this the ideal growing ground for innovation?

Innovation what?

Let’s define. Most of the innovation happened at the ideation stage. You had the a-ha moments. You made it happen – great! So what’s there left to do? Well for us, we know that we have the framework of something truly amazing – but in this framework there’s still room for improvement and development of deeper mechanics. By taking a minimum viable approach, we innovate iteratively and we plan for additional innovation, already in the first version of a feature. “Future improvements” as a part of a user story is not to be ignored.

How we shake up the sports entertainment industry

One key insight we made very early on, was that fantasy sports apps put almost all their user engagement at the start of the game day. Once the real matches start, you’re a mere spectator. We believe we can make it way more fun and exciting to play fantasy sports games. One way we do this is by introducing Tactics Cards – a way for you as a player to give orders to the stars on the pitch.

Now, while the mechanics of Tactics Cards are very simple – they do require quite some time for innovation and ideation. Simply put – we need more cards.

Just do it

So today, immediately after our daily standup, we just went for it. The result: 17 new amazingly cool cards and a ton of great ideas for new types of cards, effects and mechanics. In 45 minutes. Mind blown. 💥

Zach @ TrophyRoom