The Euro 2020

Trophy Hunt

Play fantasy football for free and win Amazon gift cards. Pick any player from any team in the Euro 2020. Challenge friends and strangers from all over the world and have a blast!

TrophyRoom Euro 2020 Lineup
TrophyRoom Euro 2020

Play fantasy football during the Euro 2020

Better late than never? It’s finally time to dust off the Euro shoes and head over to the pitch. TrophyRoom is loaded with all the matches, players, stats and live action you could ever possibly crave for.

New features

We wouldn’t be TrophyRoom if we didn’t show up to the greatest event of the year with some cool new features! This time we’re introducing fixtures, live scores and results so you can keep track of everything in one place, all while destroying your friends as the manager of your daily lineup. Oh and we’ve also increased the group challenge size from 10 to 50 players. So flip out your phone, tap on that sexy icon and join us in TrophyRoom today!



An gift card is a card preloaded with a set amount of funds to be used for any purchase on Amazon. 


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For any further information, let’s have a look at our campaign’s FAQ.


Mission Results Update

Here’s our amazing teams who are winners of the Euro 2020 Trophy Hunt.

Congratulate to all the champions. 💪

Thank you so much for your participation! See you in our very next Trophy Hunt. 


1.   The campaign starts at 00:00 (UTC+0) on Jun 11 and ends at 23:59 (UTC+0) on Jul 11, 2021.

2.  Every team who finishes the conditions of each mission will receive Amazon gift card based on the rankings.

3.  For Mission #3, a new team is a team that registered on or after May 1st 2021.

4.  Winners can choose Amazon Gift Cards from (US) or (UK).

5.  The prizes for winners will be awarded after each stated mission’s stages (weekly or biweekly) of the competition.

6.  In case the user’s country of residence is out of the Amazon’s gift card coverage, the user can still receive the code and use it according to the Amazon gift cards terms and conditions.

7.  By participating in this promotion, you must have read and accepted the TrophyRoom Terms and Conditions.

8.  Winner decisions rest entirely with TrophyRoom and cannot be contested.


Our official account for the campaign announcements is the handsome guy ‘TrophyRoom Official“.

This is the one and only official account from TrophyRoom and it is from this account we inform the winners via the in-app chat.


This is TrophyRoom

Daily Team Lineups

Use your football knowledge to create the best possible lineup of real players from top football leagues.

Play Cards

Play Tactics Cards that add another level of strategy and excitement to the football game. But pick the right card at the right time!

Play Against Friends

Challenge a single friend or stranger or why not a whole group of friends? Challenge your friends with coins that can be used to buy new cards and other upgrades.

Follow the match action

Not that watching football is boring, but watching football with TrophyRoom is simply a whole new level of fun! Follow the action in the real matches, scream of joy when you gain points and tear your hair when losing!

Vote on New Features

Join a vibrant community with user feedback as an integral part. From day one you’ll take part in The Football Council where you can cast your votes on what we should build next. It’s up to you!

And More to Come...

TrophyRoom is an ambitious social football game and the sky is the limit! Join us on the adventure.

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TrophyRoom is a free-to-play social fantasy football game for you to enjoy with friends and strangers during real world football matches.

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