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Let’s get together and build the best darn football game on the freakin’ planet.

Work at TrophyRoom

Our culture

We consider values and culture the foundations on which everything else rests on. We’re therefore meticulous about creating and maintaining a sustainable ecosystem, where talents are allowed room to breathe and shine and also rejuvenate. Humor is an essential part of our everyday life, so is respect for each other and doing the right thing.
For this to even be realistic, we fully embrace a no BS approach where constructive feedback is essential. This culture is not only for the people working directly at TrophyRoom – it reaches even further, touching our customers, partners and suppliers.




Work at TrophyRoom

Our expectations

Truth be told, we’re very picky about who gets through the door. We’re a small team, so it’s of utmost importance that all parts of it share the same morals and mindsets as much as virtually possible. And while we may come across as laid-back and relaxed, we expect hard work and dedication to be the default setting in our team members. 

Joining TrophyRoom now is like landing on Mars with a bunch of hardcore fellow adventurers. We’re building our own colony for the benefit of the many. Together we’re creating the oxygen, water and food the company needs to live and thrive. That should be your drive.

Work at TrophyRoom

Open positions

Senior Growth Marketer

Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Scope Full time
Contract Permanent
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What is TrophyRoom?

TrophyRoom is a social football game and entertainment app for lovers of the sport. Our goal is to build the most loved football companion app on the planet, by focusing on the fun and thrill of the game and bringing it to a whole new level in a modern format.

TrophyRoom is a modern remix of watching the match, RPGs, challenging your friends, managing your team and playing powerful cards that give you pros and cons. We aim to build a strong community by letting our users suggest and vote for new features – inviting them to take part in the creation of the most exciting football game ever.

What’s the job?

We’re looking for a true growth marketing junkie to help us build the foundation of our marketing team in Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon. You will be at the center of the action and will need to contribute to many areas of the business, all while crafting and executing an innovative yet realistic growth strategy. This probably calls for a bullet list. This is what we need you to do:

  • Take a harsh look at our current growth strategy and improve it in any way possible.
  • Create viral campaigns where the k factor is your guiding star.
  • Collaborate with the Product Team to build product features and programs that aid in virality and app invites.
  • Create and execute a content marketing strategy where the goal is to put TrophyRoom on top wherever there is a reason for us to be visible.
  • Create nurturing campaigns for existing users to make sure they are retained and developed.
  • Find problems and opportunities for growth and engagement wherever possible. In the product, in our channels, in the world – and act on them.
  • Make sure that our tracking is correct and our metrics make sense. And that the graphs point up.
  • Work together with the CEO and design team to develop a brand guide and persona.
  • Be an active member and a discussion starter extraordinaire of our player community.

Who are you?

You’re an experienced marketer, with a solid background in the fundamental principles of marketing, deep hands on experience of digital marketing – but with a hustler mindset. You’re impatient and hate red tape and conventions standing in your way of reaching your goals. You’re used to working alone solving problems where others have given up. And you freaking love football. Your past titles will probably include Digital Marketing Manager, Growth Marketer or Marketing Manager. You feel ready to take the next step and take on more responsibility. We also need you to:

  • Speak and write very good English and Vietnamese.
  • Have experience of working with dramatically growing the user base of mobile games and apps.
  • Love football!
  • Be very experienced in creating and managing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, AdMob, AppLovin, AppsFlyer, Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the likes.
  • Fluent in tools like Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics, PhotoShop, TheToolMailchimp etc.
  • Proven experience of working successfully with ASO/SEO (App Store Optimization/Search Engine Optimization).
  • Extremely well/versed in social media initiatives, campaigns and viral guerrilla marketing.
  • Be able to turn minimal instructions into an executable plan – and execute it with amazing results.
  • Solid project management skills: ability to lead and collaborate with cross-functional partners, prioritize high impact activities, and keep complex projects moving forward.
  • Hate vanity metrics like impressions and click-thru rates. Who cares!?
  • Understand that finding the metrics that matter is key to our success. Measuring the wrong thing is the road to failure.
  • Ready to take on a huge responsibility for our success.
  • Very experienced in writing copy that puts smiles on faces and coins in the bank.
  • Be prepared to do what it takes to be promoted to our Head of Marketing (yes, it’s our secret plan to nurture this role into a management role).
  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced and wild startup environment.
  • Enjoy digging through analytics data to find problems and opportunities.
  • Not be afraid of reaching out to real users and use them as your extended team.
  • Have a portfolio with detailed case-studies on your past achievements.
  • Be free of prestige and always willing to learn AND help out wherever it’s needed.

What can you expect?

Hard work. That’s for sure. But also to be part of a real adventure. We believe in autonomy, passion and freedom. As a Senior Growth Marketer joining us early on, you will have an incredible impact on the direction we take.

Also expect direct communication, fast decision making, constant improvements and tweaks. You’ll be part of a highly talented team with high expectations and lots of opinions, but with a strong respect for each other. You need to appreciate the startup environment and thrive in it.

So, you’re gonna have to work hard. Dedicate your heart, brain and soul. To learn as you go and utilize your already packed arsenal of skills to the fullest each day. In return you’ll have a lot of fun, while building something to be proud of. Some other perks include:


  • A very competitive salary package.
  • A friendly startup environment with coworkers that care about you.
  • Brand new office in Vinhomes Central Park.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Flexible vacation policy.
  • Ability to work remotely from time to time.
  • Team getaways and a lot of fun.