Get new free cards by completing daily and weekly quests.

The Quests

Big news buddy! We’ve just released Quests – a very cool new feature that will now replace the way free cards are handed out. Before you got a new random card for each won challenge, which has lead to seasoned players sitting on piles of cards while new users need to struggle way more to achieve the same.

In order to balance the game, we have divided cards into 4 different levels: Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common and also tweaked the rarity of each card level (Legendary being the most rare and common the most common, duh!). In addition you now get free cards by completing Quests – simple daily and weekly tasks. Check out the Quests below:



Create a challenge that gets accepted

1 random card (any card level, max 1 per day)

Accept a challenge already created

1 random card (any card level, max 1 per day)

Win more challenges than you lose during a game day (min 3 challenges played)

1 random card (any card level, max 1 per day)

Top up coins

1 legendary card per top up

Finish in top 3 on the weekly leaderboard

1 legendary card (max 1 per week)

Finish in top 4-10 on the weekly leaderboard

1 epic card (max 1 per week)


This is TrophyRoom

Daily Team Lineups

Use your football knowledge to create the best possible lineup of real players from top football leagues.

Play Cards

Play Tactics Cards that add another level of strategy and excitement to the football game. But pick the right card at the right time!

Play Against Friends

Challenge a single friend or stranger or why not a whole group of friends? Challenge your friends with coins that can be used to buy new cards and other upgrades.

Follow the match action

Not that watching football is boring, but watching football with TrophyRoom is simply a whole new level of fun! Follow the action in the real matches, scream of joy when you gain points and tear your hair when losing!

Vote on New Features

Join a vibrant community with user feedback as an integral part. From day one you’ll take part in The Football Council where you can cast your votes on what we should build next. It’s up to you!

And More to Come...

TrophyRoom is an ambitious social football game and the sky is the limit! Join us on the adventure.

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TrophyRoom is a free-to-play social fantasy football game for you to enjoy with friends and strangers during real world football matches.

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