What do you get if you mix football management games and fantasy sports, friends and card games like Hearthstone? According to a Swedish startup, you get something like TrophyRoom, an app for football fanatics that promises to blur the line between reality and fantasy and to make it even more fun, social and exciting to watch football matches.

“We believe there’s something more than just guessing which team is going to win. And something more than reading about which player went to which club for how much money. Who did this and that.” says TrophyRoom founder and CEO Jim Lind.

Experienced team of serial entrepreneurs

The company was recently reinforced with Chief Marketing Officer Zacharias Tegefeldt, most recently heading up the growth team at super-growth igaming phenomenon Casumo. He joins an experienced team consisting of world-class entrepreneurs Jim Lind, Greg Tsakiris, Björn Evers and Georg Westin – all prominent figures in the digital realm.

A next generation football app

“I was attracted by the ambition level here. I’m at most, you know, a casual football enthusiast, but I’m a hardcore football management sim addict. I was completely turned on by the ambition of blurring the line between the pretty dull fantasy sports area with reality and mixing it up with mechanics borrowed from popular card games like Hearthstone.” Zacharias says. “We put it into our mission to make watching football matches more fun. If we manage to do that, we will be there, in your hand, whenever there’s a game on.” he adds.

So what is this thing really about? Jim explains:

“So you start by creating your own lineup. You can pick any player from 6 leagues that’s on to play that day. Yes, you can get Messi and Ronaldo in the same team. But you probably shouldn’t. TrophyRoom is a skill game, so the more you know about the players and their opponents, the more edge you got. Picking the celebs likely means you will have strong players facing off with strong players. The best lineup is the one that balances strong players versus weak players – that’s how you win. And the key is your own knowledge.”

But TrophyRoom is more than just fantasy drafts. Once your lineup is in place, the app will keep track of the actual performance of those players during their respective games. If your attacker scores a goal, you get points. If your goalkeeper concedes a goal, you get minus points. Sofar, it sounds like fantasy football, but TrophyRoom’s got an edge. Zacharias explains:

“We’re gamers. We love Hearthstone. We wanted to bring the same kind of gameplay to the football world. So basically, on the match day, you’re gonna be quite busy. You got your lineup and your subs. But you also got your Booster Cards. Playing a card is like issuing an order or making a decision during that day. We’ve got a card called “Attacker Fury”, which means you gather your attackers, give them one helluva pep talk and if they score in their real games within the duration of this card, you get twice the points. But since you focused so much on your attackers, your defenders feel a bit left out. As a consequence, conceding a goal also gives double the minus points. So there is a risk and reward kind of thing at play here. And when you play this card, the friend you challenged is gonna know it, and he or she can play their own cards to counter it. It’s just insanely fun. Got no nails left after the alpha rounds.”

Free to play

TrophyRoom has a global ambition. “Definitely”, Jim says. “Football is a global passion and we believe we have something to offer in all corners of the world.”

TrophyRoom is free to play and you challenge your friends with the game currency Coins. You win Coins by beating your friends in Challenges, but you can also buy them via in-app purchases. Coins are spent either on creating more Challenges or buying more powerful Booster Cards.

The company plans on introducing more upgrades to your team in a near future, but keeps a tight lid on exactly what those will be.

Try the beta

The game is currently in a beta version where you can try out the core functionality and pick players from the British Premier League and Sweden’s Allsvenskan.


Read more and download the beta over at https://trophyroom.io